Elvis isn't dead. He's death. And he's back to save us all from bad music. This promo reminds me of the kind of promos MTV in America used to run. You know...before they stopped playing music.

Agency: Loducca, Sao Paulo Advertiser: MTV Brasil Title: Elvis Death Copywriters: Alex Adati, Marcelo Rosa, Patrick Matzenbacher Art Directors: Alexandre Amaral, Gregory Kickow Creative Directors: Guga Ketzer, Cássio Moron, Fabio Saboya, Sergio Mugnaini Agency Producers: Ana Luisa Andre, Karina Vadasz Accounts: Fernão Cosi, Fabiane Veiga, Tatiana Moliterno, Renato Nose, Gabriela Ruffo Director: André Godói Editor: Marcelo Junqueira Production Co: Prodigo Films Audio Production Co: Big Foote, New York Sound Design/Arrangement: Matt Hauser, Gabriel Soster Post Production: Prodigo Films/Jonathan Post Animation: Prodigo Films/Jonathan Post Other Credits: Francesco Civita (Executive Producer) Client: Wagner Gorab, Ana Penteado, Eduardo Zanelli

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