Drake, a VMA performer and dual award nominee, relaxes in impossibly cool Frank Sinatra-style 1950s black and white while his crowd waits breathlessly stageside for his appearance - footage shot in color and then graded to be black and white. Eagleton used various filters in the resolve to create an authentic, stunning look for the spot.

Client: MTV Spots Title(s): Justin Bieber Promo (featured), Drake Promo (featured), Ke$ha Promo (featured), Eminem Promo, Nicki Promo Air Date: September 2010 Prod Company: MTV Director: Jahai Brightly EP: Amy Campbell Producer: Kris Walter Editorial Co: Final Cut Editor: JD Smyth Producer: Rana Martin Grading: Smoke & Mirrors NY Colorist: Ben Eagleton Producer: Barbara Kontarovich
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