Muscle Milk targets women in this spot which shows women of all shapes and sizes and fitness levels-- from incredibly fit, to just getting started--- enjoying the benefits of exercise and strength training. And Muscle Milk. It is indeed the first women-targeted campaign from the brand. And while it does star U.S Women’s National Soccer star, Julie Johnston, the majority of women in here are regular people. Office workers chained to the desks, moms with newborns, stay at home moms working out in the basement with their toddlers, Venice Beach singles in yoga pants. Women who have never exercised before. There's even one who looks like she might be older than the intended 18-35 demographic. Crazy, right? Middle aged and older women could enjoy your products, too. I will never understand the myopia in advertising that insists 98% of all ads intended for one demographic can only cast people in that demographic. As if we can't be inspired by a younger or older demographic outside our own.
Still, good for Muscle Milk for not pandering. They understand their audience has different motivations for exercising, with only a very few at the top of the pyramid being Julie Johnston, and the rest falling into the "I want to stay healthy," category. Also love the shot of the mom with baby and mom with younger daughter. Pass that habit down.

Agency: Mekanism Client: Muscle Milk Founder & Executive Creative Director: Tommy Means EVP, Director of Creative: Tom Lyons Associate Creative Director: Joe Beutel Art Director: Sean Grimes EVP, Managing Director: Michael Zlatoper Director of Brand Management: Anna Boyarsky Senior Brand Manager: Luke Welch Brand Manager: Sarah Holden Head of Planning, West: Jeremy Daly Head of Production: Kati Haberstock Director of Production Operations: Frank Lewis Senior Producer: Jess Murray Producer: Megan Ubovich Production Company: Hungry Man Director: Dave Laden EP: Caleb Dewart Line Producer: Ahnee Boyce Editorial: No6 Editor: Lucas Spaulding Asst Editor: Brian Meagher Producer: Yole Barra Finish/Color/Graphics: The Mill Creative Director: Jay Bandlish Head of 2D: Randy McEntee Color: Greg Reese EP: Krystina Wilson Music: Travis & Maude Creative Director: David Wittman