Myer is launching its 2015 Christmas campaign is created by Clemenger BBDO Melbourne and Aardman animations. The four month production process saw each of the four characters sculpted by hand and filmed frame by frame. We find a little elf, a mouse, a reindeer and an ornament angel sneaking away to try and get their christmas shopping done before anyone notices. Points for the dialogue -"Don't get your knickers in a twist" -"They're tights."

Creative Director, Evan Roberts said, "Myer has always been a destination for Christmas. We figured that goes for everyone, including little Christmas icons like reindeers and elves."

Creative Director, Stephen de Wolf said, "We wanted to bring a little bit of magic back to Christmas this year, but without being typically saccharine about it. The result is something beautiful and whimsical, but with a uniquely Australian tone. We hope you like it."

Beyond the brand film, the story of these characters runs through retail TVCs, posters, press, microsite, social, catalogues, shopping bags, staff uniforms, wrapping paper, gift cards and visual merchandise displays. Every touchpoint at Myer has been transformed with the campaign designed to direct consumers towards Myer's Christmas gift destination, the 'Giftorium'.

Myer Chief Merchandising and Marketing Officer and Deputy CEO, Daniel Bracken, said, "Christmas is a time when a Department Store comes into its own. As a destination for Christmas gifts, Myer is unrivalled and we are proud to have created Christmas memories for Australians for many years. Whether it's the Christmas windows at Myer Melbourne, visiting Santa inside our stores or the excitement of finding the perfect gift at our enhanced and expanded Giftorium, Myer is THE Christmas destination."

Aardman Director, Steve Harding-Hill added "Everyone at Aardman loved this script straight form the start. It was funny, irreverent and very unsentimental. It seemed to typify the real spirit of Christmas to us. So using traditional stop motion methods we created a magical nostalgic world that was combined with a wry modern twist. An idyllic handcrafted world, where a bunch of chatty Christmassy pals meet up and journey through an epic winter wonderland, towards the excitement that is Christmas.

Client: Myer Chief Merchandise & Marketing Officer and Deputy CEO: Daniel Bracken GM Marketing Strategy & Communications: Nathalie Warren-Smith Senior Marketing Manager Retail Events & Services: Joanne Brennan Agency: Clemenger BBDO Melbourne Creative Chairman: James McGrath Creative Director: Evan Roberts Creative Director: Stephen de Wolf Creative Director: Carolyn Mackintosh Senior Producer: Karolina Bozajkovska Operations Director: Sharon Adams Group Managing Director: Simon Lamplough Business Director: Kellie Lennon Senior Planner: Matthew Kingston Production Company: Aardman Animations Director: Steve Harding-Hill Producer: Steph Owen Production Co-ordinator: Caroline Hague Head of Model Making: Chris Entwistle DOP: Mark Chamberlin Lighting Cameraman: Jeremy Hogg Animator: Dave Osmond Post Production Supervisor: Jim Lewis Editor: Dan Hembery