There are more than 2-million orphaned children in South Africa. This campaign reminds South Africans that every child deserves a second chance at a decent home.

Agency: Old Shanghai Firecracker Factory Agency Creative Director: David Taylor Copywriter: Inge Blignaut/ Alison McCrae TV Producer: Leigh-Ann Harris Art Director: Siya van Rooyen Production House: Frieze Films Director: Marc Rowlston Producer: Liz Dahl Production Manager: Kelleigh Wessels Casting Director: Marina Van Tonder Lighting: Panalux Lenses and Camera: Panavision Transcoding: Pulp Films Edit Suite and Editor: Marc Rowlston Grade & Online: Ministry of Illusion Music Composition: Injozi (Nick Argyros) Audio and Final Mix: Kwajimojo (Jo Darling) Financial Contribution: Del

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