To coincide with World Autism Awareness Month, Rattling Stick, The News and the National Autistic Society created a visual and aural experience to showcaseone fo the many challenges one faces living with autism. Visually and aurally arresting.

Client: NAS – National Autistic Society Agency: The News Creative Director: Kit Dayaram Copywriters: Kit Dayaram/Stine Hole Mankovsky/Oli Kellet Art Director: Kit Dayaram Production Company: Rattling Stick Director: Steve Cope Producer: Kate Taylor Production Manager: Charlie Lodder Editing House: Stitch Editor: Izzy King DOP: Clive Norman Location Manager: Toby Haak Production Design: Stef Grieve Make-Up: Bev Pond-Jones Costume: Lydia Kovacs Sound: Munzie at Grand Central Visual Effects: Electric Theatre Company

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