This is very exciting-- it's Adland's first submission from Macedonia! And what a great one, too.
When our red-headed CEO and editor gets back online I need to have her update our countries list below.

An early warning sign of Alzheimer’s is that people remember things from the past, but not the present. To help create awareness about this, for the National Neurological Institute, Publicis Skopje
talked to alzheimer’s patients to find out what news of the day they remembered. Using their memories we created the News From The Past. Articles were written based on memories form real patients.
The end take away was "This is the latest news for the people with Alzheimer's." People could find more information about the disease on
This is such a great idea, and one that had some great results. They reached 68% of the Macedonian population and visits to the site increased 215%.
Nice work.

National Neurological Institute Advertising Agency: Publicis Skopje Creative Director: Vasilije Corluka Art Director: Miki Stefanoski, Milan Stojanov Copywriter: Dejan Spirkoski Designer: Aleksandar Jakovlev, Gjorgji Janevski Photographer: Aleksandar Pulios Media Director: Igor Celebic Strategic Planner: Bojana Trpcevska PR Director: Saso Duljanov Published: September, 2013

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  • Steve's picture
    Steve (not verified)

    Beautiful, touching and close to home. This terrible illness runs in our family and plucks out someone from each generation.

    Aug 21, 2014
  • Dabitch's picture

    THIS IS GREAT. All capsing for emphasis. Proud to add Macedonia to the country list on such a good submission. Kidsleepy, it's okay to say "when she wakes up". The secret is out that I sleep occasionally now.
    The insight reminds me of a norse kenning "walks in childhood", which is how alzheimer was described in several sagas, and is a very good early detection signal.

    Full disclosure, I've seen Alzheimer's disease up close, and it's an extremely difficult thing to deal with for everyone involved. It's a little slice of hell for the sufferer, to drown in their own mind, so anything you can do to check this early and start preventative care is 100% good.

    With that said, I was a little touched at this case study, the idea is brilliant and to get the national news to play along is an outstanding feat that I don't think I've seen since "June 16th 2014" got all of Tunisian media to play along. I sincerely hope this wins something in International awards, such as the Cannes Lions, I know it'll win everything nationally. The jury in Cannes Lions is fickle though, you need to get a case study video that gets the idea across to the hungover jurors quick. This starts off well, builds well, explains it well, but maybe ends a little too abruptly - add some HAPPY VIOLINS (or something) and perhaps more data as it comes along and it'll be golden. Best of luck, Publicis Skopje, and well done.

    Aug 21, 2014

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