Nato - Basement - (2009) :45 (Germany)


Nato - Basement - (2009) :45 (Germany)

In Basement, a swirl of bodies collide in a dank space amidst a backdrop of screaming and chaos. The fatigued crowd looks bewildered and exhausted, suggesting that the mob is caught up in a horrific scenario.....

The "60 Years of NATO" campaign will be broadcast throughout all NATO countries, and online at

Crossroads EP Michael Fekete notes, "These are powerful spots which further add to Nico's dynamic body of work. His ability to create and capture strong visual imagery, combined with a talent for dramatic story telling, fuse these NATO spots into an effective, and impressive message campaign...I was blown away when I saw the finished product."

Client: NATO
Spot Title: Basement, Run, Staircase
Air Date: June 2009

Agency: Scholz & Friends European Office
CD: Mirko Dermann
Consultant(s): Helge Koehling, Tecla Kohls
Managing Director: Lutz Meyer

Prod Company: United Visions, Berlin
Director: Nico Beyer (Represented by Crossroads U.S.)
DP: Michael Mieke
Producer: Fabian Barz

Editor: Tom Seil

Post Prod: NHB, Berlin
Artist: Yesim Altilar

Sound Designer: Lars Lohn

Shoot Location: Germany


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