Nato - Staircase - (2009) :45 (Germany)


Nato - Staircase - (2009) :45 (Germany)

Staircase features a woman descending from an upper floor through darkness, the scene dimly lit by a chaotic crackling and flashing of lights visible through the windows....

The "60 Years of NATO" campaign will be broadcast throughout all NATO countries, and online at

Client: NATO
Spot Title: Basement, Run, Staircase
Air Date: June 2009

Agency: Scholz & Friends European Office
CD: Mirko Dermann
Consultant(s): Helge Koehling, Tecla Kohls
Managing Director: Lutz Meyer

Prod Company: United Visions, Berlin
Director: Nico Beyer (Represented by Crossroads U.S.)
DP: Michael Mieke
Producer: Fabian Barz
Editor: Tom Seil

Post Prod: NHB, Berlin
Artist: Yesim Altilar
Sound Designer: Lars Lohn
Shoot Location: Germany


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