NBC Peacock - station ID (2010)


NBC Peacock - station ID (2010)

A collaboration between Nathan Love and NBC Artworks, this short animation explores the origins of the NBC logo.

The origins of the feathers are from some evil spirit-seeds swallowed by the peacock, it appears. Hehe.

Nathan Love explains;

“The brief was to create a stand-alone logo animation for NBC. The only guidelines were to make it our own, and of course, for it to be ‘the best logo ever.’"

It might just be the funniest logo ever, Nathan.

Client - NBC Artworks
Animation Studio - Nathan Love

Director - Nathan Love
Creative Director - Joe Burrascano
Art Director / Designer - Anca Risca
Animation & Rigging - Dan Vislocky
Additional Animation -- Ryan Moran
FX Compositing -- Sylvia Apostol
Sound Design & Music - Drew Skinner



This is full of win.

Good shit, man.

Yes, this peacock is quite good at tooting his own horn.

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