NCADA aired this ad only in St. Louis, a very serious anti-heroin message squeezed between the odd constipation ads, car ads and ban ads. This girl, quite literally, throws her entire life away. Sung by Lauren Duski and composition of music and lyrics from Craig J. Snider, the song produced by Mix Kitchen is heart-wrenching. You may remember last year's ad entitled That's How which was also done by Schupp Consulting. While last year I wrote that the feel-good music was effective, but I personally think it didn't need it at all, this year, the music helps tell the story. Nothing like juxtaposing happy music with dark images.

Client: NCADA Agency: Schupp Consulting Creative Director and Producer: Mark Schupp Copywriter: Tipper O’Brien Art Direction: Jeff Knubly Director and Post Editing: Scott Ferguson Music and Audio: Mix Kitchen Music and Lyrics Supervision: Craig J. Snider Vocals: Lauren Duski Music lyrics co-written by Craig J. Snider and Tipper O’Brien Mix Kitchen Executive Producer: Sam Fishkin

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  • Jorge Inchaurregui's picture
    Jorge Inchaurregui (not verified)

    Harsh, in-your-face, social awareness ads have to be some of my favorites. I'm looking forward the day I get to do one as powerful as this one. The all-american girl throws away everything she got handed to her, and sadly it happens every day, everywhere in the world, not just to pretty, blonde girls. It's hard to watch, it must be harder to live it.

    Feb 08, 2016

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