Nothing beats knowing. The experts at nerdwallet makes finding the right credit card easy. This spot is nicely shot with some vignettes that are funnier than others. The bomb disposal expert was by far the funniest. I kind of wish the others were as memorable, or had the same amount of comedic tension or at least ramped up in absurdity. Also, going with the repetition of "Uhhhhhahhhhh" sound, as memorable as it is, might be a turn off for some of the audience. But one good thing about this spot is you can watch it with the sound off and still enjoy it, and get it, too.

Client: NerdWallet VP Marketing: Stephanie Wei Head of Brand Marketing: Jeehyang Leung Head of Integrated Marketing: John Russ Brand Marketing Leader: Ariana Hellebuyck Lead of Video: Rob Nikzad Director of Design: Stephen Ervin Growth Marketing: Elyse Klein Senior Visual Designer: Zachary Scott Agency: Blackbelt Head of Creative Production: Brian Tucker Executive Creative Director: Karl Dunn Head of Client Service: Shaun Kilian Strategist: Andrew Clarke Art Director: Mark Chila Director: Casey Storm Production Company: Anonymous Content / Asymetric Producer: Jason Aita Executive Producer: Ayelet Weinerman Editorial: Arcade Edit Editor: Sean Lagrange Colorist: Gregory Reese Music Company: Echolab Music Producer: Gavin Little Composer: Steve Lynch Sound Designers: Gavin Little, Joe McHugh

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  • David Felton's picture
    David Felton

    This is nice. I wonder if there was a 30, because it's also a little indulgent.

    Jan 02, 2017
  • Rocio's picture
    Rocio (not verified)

    What's the name of theme song playing during the "uhhhhhhahhhhh Comercial. I tried Google with different variations and only get advertisement for the credit card services. Please tell me name of your af. The song sounds like "BloodTheme" from the Dexter series. Pl

    Mar 19, 2017

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