Dad just busted you for scratching his car? Just keep drinking. Nestea's got you covered. It's now in a can, dontcha know.

At least there's no Nestea Plunge.

Client: Nestea Agency: Zulu Alpha Kilo Chief Creative Officer: Zak Mroueh Executive Creative Director: Ron Smrczek Art Director: Nadine Prada, Ari Elkouby Writer: David Horovitch, Suzanne Pope Agency Producer: Sam Benson Account Team: Jessica DeSantis & Kate Torrance Client (Company): NESTEA Clients: Angela McIntosh & Laura Cutsey Media Agency: UM Media Agency Planner: Jennifer Thomson Production House: Steam Films Director: JJ Adler Production House Producer: Shannon Barnes Video Post Facility / Editing Company: Saints Compositor / Online: Matt DochstaderTopix Special Effects: Topix Animation – Back End: Topix Colourist/Transfer: Eric Whipp at Alter Ego Audio Post Facility/Music House: The Eggplant Audio Director: Adam Damelin Producer: Lindsay Frye Engineer: Matt Gauthier

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kidsleepy 17 year copywriter, now CD, who has worked in many cities including Pittsburgh, New York, Atlanta, Montreal and currently Los Angeles. I snark because I care. I ain't complainin' I'm just tellin' it like it is.

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