Nestlé Chokito - No to bouncers - (2010) 2:00


Nestlé Chokito - No to bouncers - (2010) 2:00

Chokito is sick of things getting in the way of blokes having a good time. Chokito dude declares: "It's time to say no no no no no to bouncers" - and Chokito dude proceeds to give random bouncers a taste of their own medicine. Preventing one from using the pubic lavatory Chokito dude informs him: "there are plenty of other bathrooms down there mate". He stops a bouncer from entering the gym with the phrase: "I think we've had enough gym for today mate". Chokito dude mocks another bouncer for having the middle name "Frances". Ouch.

Quipping: "I'll be here mate, or at your mommas" it's a miracle none of these bouncers ripped Chokito dudes head off.

Client: Nestlé
Agency: JWT Sydney
Scott Pickett and Trent O'Donnell (Director)
Angus Hennah (Executive Creative Director)
John Lam (Assoc Creative Director)
John Lam (Art Director)
Jason Ross (Copywriter)
Renata Barbosa (Producer)
Nicola Petterson (Producer)

Group Account Director: Paul Coles
Senior Account Director: Fiona Wilson
Account Manager: Holly Matchett



That guy is in so much trouble.....

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