In a huge and hot apartment, a lovely looking young woman surrounded by mirrors decides to have an ice-cream. Not just any ice-cream, but an Extreme® cone. As she bites into it, her reflection doesn't have one, and so begins a dance through the rooms where the woman refuses to share even a dab of ice-cream with her own reflection. It's beautifully shot, and a tad sexual as the woman teases herself, and in the end very strange. I'm sure someone can write an essay on the woman's reflection not having any ice-cream and connecting this to anorexia somehow, but I don't have the energy for that. If you pardon me, it's too hot in here, I need to get some ice-cream and you can't have any. *licks cone teasingly*

AGENCY: JWT Paris Executive Creative Director: Anne-Cécile TAULEIGNE Art Director: Julien CHESNÉ Copywriter: Eric AUVINET Account Manager: Delphine LOYAUX Account Executive: Eric LEDUBY TV Producer: Patricia CHEMOUL    PRODUCTION Director: Sébastien GROUSSET Production Company: GANG FILMS Director of Photography: Stuart GRAHAM Executive Producer: Jean VILLIERS Special Effects: DIGITAL DISTRICT Production Designer: Alain VEISSIER & Koldo VALLES Editor: Thierry HOSS Sound Production: CREAMINAL MUSIQUE Lazy Sparks
- Artist: Yoggyone Composer: Thomas Boichard

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Dabitch Creative Director, CEO, hell-raising sweetheart and editor of Adland. Globetrotting Swede who has lived and worked in New York, London, San Francisco, Amsterdam, Copenhagen and Stockholm.

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    tankNZ (not verified)

    Great advertisement!

    May 13, 2014
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    ralph (not verified)

    Please, What's name of the model & agency?

    Jul 15, 2015