Youtube pre-roll ads are all grown up and the ideas for them are tailored to the media these days, which is how you avoid being irrelevant ad rejected by the "skip ad" button. Using the data learned and the countless hours of "Friends" funny scenes available to them, Ogilvy Paris bombarded Youtube France with pre-roll Friends clips that matched what the viewers were looking for. Sort of. For "Hotline Bling" you got overweight Monica dancing. If you were looking for makeup tutorials, you got a clip of Joey in a Japanese male lipstick commercial. Any topic you can think of had something in Friends that fit it. Nostalgia hit the French hard, and Friends became one of the most watched Netflix shows, despite it's been ten years since it went off the air.

Client: Netflix Project: The Friendly Preroll Campaign Agency: Ogilvy Paris Directeur Général: Philip Heimann Executive Creative Director: Baptiste Clinet Creative Director: Nicolas Lautier Creative Team: David Martinangelus (ACD), Erika Reyes & Mateo Fernandez (AD) Business Director: Anne-Sophie Carbo Account Supervisor: Nadia Lasfar Head of Strategic Planning: Alexandra Mimoun Strategic Planner: Amélie Delacour Head of Integrated Production: Antoine Bagot Production Company: Fighting Fish Media agency: Google