So there's a Dutch ad agency called Lemz who made this ad warning the Dutch about food borne illness, by growing bacteria in petri dishes that then spelled out messages for all to read and get disgusted by.
Cool idea-- although this technique has been done before. Back in 2011, Steven Soderbergh's movie Contagion used bacteria and fungi to grow the name of the film. And a biohazard symbol, too. Every time I start to wonder why this isn't exploited more often I think about the time I got a food borne illness in Europe and spent the last night of my vacation throwing up for twelve hours straight and then I remember. Because it's gross.

Client: Netherlands Nutrition Center Agency: Lemz

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    It's a very nice execution, art direction, despite not actually being grown in the Abri's around town.

    Dec 02, 2014

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