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    I don't remember this one running during the 1998 Superbowl. Network Associates ran a "Who's Watching Your Network?" campaign that did indeed have three different spots, though. One featured a Sharon Stone looking vamp, and I was in a different spot as a tattoo-faced hacker. It was my spot that ran beyond the Superbowl (and ended up earning me about $40,000), and they called me back in to do a magazine shoot as well. They offered to fly me to their annual convention the following year, as a paid appearance but I was booked on another commercial and had to turn them down. About two years later I spotted that magazine ad taped to a wall in the IT department at Universal. That felt pretty good...

    I can still remember the script: "Why would someone spend their own time to hack into your company's computer and post your confidential files on the internet? For the same reason we pierce our tongues!" which was followed by a sinister laugh and me sticking my pierced tongue into camera.

    My spot was costumed by Bob Ringwood, and Danny Williams applied the fake face tattoos (which took about four hours). We shot it at Raleigh Studios.

    May 07, 2008
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    The bonus trivia in the comments here is great. Thanks for that, Flickhead71 a.k.a actor with a pierced tongue.

    Apr 06, 2015

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