New viral homage to old viral "Bad Day at the Office"


New viral homage to old viral "Bad Day at the Office"

This ad "self defense" for netop firewall products was created by GoViral a viral marketing agency here in Copenhagen. On their site you can also view the original Bad day at the Office film.

"Bad Day is one of those legendary pieces communication that most people got exposed to, talked about and therefore remember today. But it is probably also the clip that actually opened the eyes of the marketing community’s for the huge potential of using the Internet and viral marketing as a way of getting in contact with a lot of consumers. One could say it paved the way for a new marketing tool and campaigns like Budweisers WassUp, John West Salmon and more recent ones like Burger Kings Subservient Chicken",

says Claus Moseholm, GoViral.

The original:

Note: John West Salmon is an accidental viral, a TV ad that leaked out on the web. (See our article Three Bears Attack! John West Salmon spawns stateside offspring 4 QTs at once from 2001 here). Budweisers Wassup is even a superbowl ad, aired on TV and then spoofed on the web much like the Mastercard "Priceless" campaign is. Neither are planned virals, but great examples of famous ads that went viral as soon as they hit the web.




Here's a funny update I had to share:
From Vinny Licciardi (original Badday Guy)

Let me congratulate you on your updated version of Badday. The computer
won that round but for how long? I take that attitude because I am the
original Badday guy. In all honesty I loved the video, but was
disappointed you didn't ask me to come back for the sequel.
If you want the original in your next campaign give me a call.

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