New York Lotto's Quick Draw is a fun way to get drawn together unlike attending a dog wedding where the wedding cake is made from dog food. Because it's a dog wedding.

Client: New York Lottery
McCann NY Credits:
Eric Silver – North American Chief Creative Officer
Sean Bryan – Co-Chief Creative Officer
Tom Murphy – Co-Chief Creative Officer
Mat Bisher – Executive Creative Director
Dan Donovan – Executive Creative Director
Nic Howell – Creative Director
Geoff Bentz – Creative Director
Lex Singer – Copywriter
Nathy Aviram – Chief Production Officer
Alexis Mead – Senior Integrated Producer
Lauren LaValle – Group Account Director
Geordie Larratt-Smith – Account Supervisor
Alesy Iturrey – Account Executive
Denis Mahon – Assistant Account Executive
Mike Medeiros – Executive Strategy Director
Laura Frank – Strategy Director
Cristina Pansolini – Strategist
Steve Marchione – Senior Project Manager
Randy Krallman – Director
Patrick Milling Smith – Partner
Brian Carmody – Partner
Shannon Jones – Executive Producer
Jacqui Wilkinson – Executive Producer
Andrew Colón – Head of Production
Ian Blain – Producer
Cutting Room
Merritt Duff – Editor
Susan Willis – Managing Partner
Lisa Starace – Producer
Light of Day
VFX Nice Shoes
Lez Rutledge – Color Correct
Suspect Rob Appleblatt – Owner
Pulse Music

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