New York Lottery - Secret Santa / Holiday cheer - (2012) :30 (USA)


New York Lottery - Secret Santa / Holiday cheer - (2012) :30 (USA)

Five dollar secret santa? I'm surprised nobody came with a five-dollar foot long.

A bunch of disgruntled office workers are decidedly un-cheery as they open their secret santa gifts. The best is the chirpy blond who re-gifted a frog-stapler from last year. This commercial goes with these New York Lottery Bus Shelters, a few made with real blinking lights that are currently running in New York city.

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DDB NY Creative Credits:

Matt Eastwood, Chief Creative Officer

Rich Sharp, Group Creative Director

Mike Sullivan, Group Creative Director

Michael Kushner, Art Director (For TV Spot Only)

Tony Bartolucci, Associate Creative Director (For OOH/Digital Only)

Colin Lapin, Associate Creative Director (For OOH/Digital Only))

Menno Kluin, Executive Creative Director, Head of Art (For OOH Only)

Juan Carlos Pagan, Designer

Ed Zazzera, Head of Production (For TV Spot Only)

Teri Altman, Executive Producer (For TV Spot Only)

Christie Dwyer, Print Producer (For OOH Only)

Julie Evcimen, Project Manager

Leo Mamorsky, Group Account Director

Kelly Gorsky, Management Supervisor

Heather Olson, Account Supervisor

Kewi Adewumi, Account Executive

Tarina Hesaltine, Account Executive



Is the Spanish language version of this commercial online?

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