What's that dirty stain on the carpet? It's whatever you want it to be. Or rather, your boss.
Take a break from the expected sounds painfully like it was lifted from a brief for Kit-Kat or Corona, or some other brand because it doesn't really tell me a great reason to play the lottery which is the chance of winning and not a twenty second diversion with a quarter that turns into a giant letdown because scratch offs are dollar priced fool's errands but at least it stands out anyway.

Client: New York Lottery
Agency: McCann New York
Eric Silver – North American Chief Creative Officer
Sean Bryan – Co-Chief Creative Officer
Tom Murphy – Co-Chief Creative Officer
Mat Bisher – Executive Creative Director
Grant Smith – Executive Creative Director
Molly Wilkof – Copywriter
Zoe Kessler – Art Director
Nathy Aviram – Chief Production Officer
Chance Bassett – Senior Integrated Producer
Eric Johnson – Executive Music Producer
Michael Ladman – Music Producer
Lauren LaValle – Group Account Director
Geordie Larratt-Smith – Account Supervisor
Rachel Heiss – Account Executive
Steve Marchione – Project Manager
Production: Biscuit Filmworks
Director: Aaron Stoller
Post-Production: PS260
Editor: JJ Lask
VFX: Suspect
Color: Co3
Colorist: Tim Masick
Radio Production: Sonic Union
Sound Engineer: Steve Rosen
Music and Sound Design: Tonefarmer

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