New Zealand Red Cross "Parcel" (2013) :30 (New Zealand)


New Zealand Red Cross "Parcel" (2013) :30 (New Zealand)

Beautifully done animation follows a Red Cross parcel as it travels to save many people in many locations.

Client: Red Cross New Zealand
National Marketing & PR Manager: Ross Cameron
National Fundraising Manager: Alice Montague
Agency: Y&R New Zealand:
Executive Creative Director: Josh Moore
Creative Director: Scott Henderson
Art Director: Mark Tallis
Copywriter: Cameron Dowsett
Agency Head of Production: Christina Hazard
Senior Account Manager: Steph Patton
Creative Planner: Jason Wells
NZ Production Co: Flying Fish
Executive Producer: James Moore
US Production Co: Blacklist
Executive Producer: Adina Sales
Producers: Alex Unick, Patrick Gantert
Blacklist Director: Holbrooks
Design: Dan Gray + Tom Brown + Marika Cowan + Angelica Alzona
Animation: Dan Gray, Tom Brown. Song E. Kim, Marika Cowan, Angelica Alzona, Alan Foreman
Compositing: Tom Brown, Andrew Zimbelman
Music + Sound Design: Antfood


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