Oh lookee, there's a mobile game app for The Walking Dead called No Man's Land. Created by Finnish game developer Next Games in partnership with AMC. This trailer premiered at this year's Comic Con. Where else?

Game Developer: Next Games Creative Director: Mikael Achrén Head of Marketing: Saara Bergström Production: Psyop Director: Marie Hyon, Marco Spier Technical Director: Christian Bach Executive Producer: Lucia Grillo Producer: Ryan Mack, Nick Read Designer: Lauren Indovina, Eunice Kim, Anh Vu VFX: Todd Akita, Christian Bach Modeler: Oliver Castle, Bryan Eck, Briana Franceschini, Kwan Au Rigger: Michael Altman Lighter: Kwan Au, Oliver Castle, Briana Franceschini, Jonathan Lee 3D Animator: Michael Altman Storyboard Artist: Ben Chan Compositor: Bo Kim, Tobey Lindback, Danica Parry, Max Kornev VFX Supervisier: Joerg Liebold 3D Scanning: Another World Studios Song: Maggie Greene - "The Parting Glass" Sound Design & Mix: Ari Pulkkinen Editor: Jonathan Vitagliano

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