In this, his first endorsement, the projected first openly gay professional football player, Michael Sam asks the viewer to judge him for his ability on the field, and on the field only. Nice spot. But "That's my everywhere," is hella clunky. Also, this ad presupposes that everyone knows Michael Sam is gay, and the first openly gay player. If you don't know that however, and you listen to the VO, it becomes an incredibly straight forward read.

Client: VISA Agency: MRY Chief Creative Officer: David Weinstock Chief Innovation Officer: Matt Rednor Creative Director: Victor Sie Associate Creative Director: Josh Young Associate Creative Director: Ben Waldman Senior Art Director: Drew Jaz Copywriter: Eli Pakier Associate Strategist: Toni Dawkins Executive Director, Content Production: Jody Girgenti Senior Producer: Heather Brown Producer: Samantha McGrane Client Partner: Sarah Rinehimer Account Executive: Lauren Jack Production Company: DECON Director: Daniel Garcia Exec Producer: Misha Louy Supervising Producer: Cynthia Angel Line Producer: Ian Blain DP: Jeffrey Kim Post Company: DECON Exec Prod: Misha Louy Sr Post Producer: Cynthia Angel Editor: Sarah Stuve Music Sup: Mina Louy

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