Have no date for Valentines day? Aw, cheer up, you could have a bad date for Valentines day and that's much worse. Here's a pot-pourri of things better left unsaid on a date. Props for the delivery of the mussels line.

"The last time I had the mussels...Both ends…" There’s an awkward pregnant pause before he orders. "I’ll have the mussels, please."

"Share your organ donation decision with a loved one this Valentine’s." Sure, that'll go over better than the whole mussels thing and not open a huge can of worms at all."Honey, if I'm braindead after a car accident, I want you to know that there's an organdonation card in my wallet. Life insurance? Naah, don't worry your pretty little head sugar, nothing is gonna happen to me..."

Brand: NHS Organ Donation Agency: Aesop Creatives: Stephen Lynch, Ben Clapp

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