Nike Women's #betterforit campaign has launched in Russia. Featuring well-known athletes like 4 time world champion Thai boxer Kate Izotova.

Russian Translation:
Inner voice: What are you doing here? You could've stayed at home, been someone's trophy.
Her voice: Screw that. I'll earn my own trophy.

Client: Nike WIEDEN+KENNEDY AMSTERDAM Executive Creative Director Mark Bernath, Eric Quennoy Creative Director David Smith, Alvaro Sotomayor, Craig Williams Art Director Ignasi Tudela Copywriter Zoe Hawkins Head of Content Joe Togneri Planner Danny Feeney, Michelle Arrazcaeta Communications Planner Josh Chang Group Account Director Kirk Johnsen Account Director Kathryn Addo Senior Account Manager Jorge Fesser Broadcast production / Head of Art Buying Maud Klarenbeek Art buying / broadcast production Javier Perroud Head of Studio Jackie Barbour Retoucher Dario Fusnecher Project Manager Janna Harrington Business Affairs Michael Graves FILM / PRINT PRODUCTION PRODUCTION COMPANY TERRIE TANAKA MANAGEMENT Director/Photographer Carlos Serrao Director of Photography Monica May Producer Amy Lynne Executive Producer Terrie Tanaka Vogue Shoot Make-up Mark Williamson at artist-management using Mac Vogue Shoot hair Hanjee at Jed Root for Hanjee Hair Gallery EDITING COMPANY WHITEHOUSE POST Editor Sam Gunn AUDIO POST WAVE AMSTERDAM Sound Designer/Mixer Alex Nicholls-Lee MUSIC GLINTSHAKE / MASSIVEMUSIC Katya Izotova Glintshake Olga Markes Glintshake Adelina Sotnikova MassiveMusic Diana Vishneva MassiveMusic Darya Klishina MassiveMusic POST PRODUCTION GLASSWORKS Flame Morten Vinther Telecine Scott Harris Producer Jane Bakx MEDIA BUY MINDSHARE RUSSIA DIGITAL PRODUCTION + SOCIAL ACTIVATION INSTINCT BBDO MOSCOW

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