Rooney in the zone. Where men are still warriors.

“We wanted to take a fresh look at football. To challenge people to look behind the fancy flicks into what separates International footballers from the rest of us. Be it their talent, physical preparation or mental backbone.”
--Mikey Farr, W+K Copywriter

Client : Nike Agency : Wieden + Kennedy Amsterdam Production Company : Independent - London Director : Malcom Venville Ben Davis (DoP) John Norman and Jeff Kling (Executive Creative Director) Eric Quennoy and Mark Bernath (Creative Director) Pierre Janneau (Ribery/Rooney (Art Director) Mikey Farr (Ribery/Rooney) (Copywriter) Craig Williams (Arshavim) (Art Director) David Smith (Arshavim) (Copywriter) Kirk Baxter (Editor) Corey Bartha (Agency Producer)