The Nike Free 5.0 Box is touted as an environmentally friendly design, making the box 1/3 of the size of a regular shoebox saves a lot of cardboard. You know what would have really saved a lot of cardboard? Just having the plastic bands, and no shoebox at all. Of course, you wouldn't be able to make a cute film about that, and plastic pollution is a whole 'nother environmental issue. Goodness, it's as if we didn't quite think this though.
De-snarking, it's really not a bad idea, it's a great product demonstration. They should just have presented it as a "look our shoes are hella flexible" and it would have been really neat. It is after all, the "most flexible shoe in history" (though my ballet slippers beg to differ). The mistake was adding environmentally friendly, which isn't very Nike-brand tonality at all. Remember, Nike is all about "me me me". Not henna hippie tree-hugging "we".

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