Arsenal's Thierry Henry annoys his neighbors by destroying the interior of his home in the name of football. Along the way some Manchester United players show up to get in on the fun. Quite charming work.

Client: Nike Agency: Wieden and Kennedy Amsterdam Production Company: Gorgeous, Director: Tom Carty, Mark Neverdine Producer: Ciska Faulkner, Scott Horan Editing Company: The Quarry, The Whitehouse Editor: Johnny Scarlett, Richard Orrick Post-Production / VFX Company: The Mill VFX Producer: Liz Browne 2D Lead Artists: Chris Knight, Gavin Wellsman 3D Lead Artists: Tom Bussell 2D Artists: Danny Morris, Adam Grint, Mark Payne Colourist: Fergus McCall project information Director: Tom Carty, Mark Neverdine Song: "Skeewiff Vs Big Les"

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