Nike Hyperdunk+ - Evolve - (2012) :30 (USA)


Nike Hyperdunk+ - Evolve - (2012) :30 (USA)

Motion design & production studio Royale was recently tapped by Nike to create a launch spot for the new Nike Lunar Hyperdunk 2012+ shoe, which premiered during Game 5 of the NBA Finals and will air globally. The revolutionary footwear comes equipped with a set of sensors that allows players to measure advanced performance metrics like reaction time and vertical leap.

Sensors? Performance what? Bastards keep this up and I'm going amish.

Project: Nike Hyperdunk 2012+ "Evolve"
Client: Nike

Production & Design Company: Royale/Los Angeles
Director: Royale
Creative Directors: Brien Holman, Jayson Whitmore
Art Director: Jonathan Kim
Designers: Jonathan Kim, Juliet Park
CG Lead/Technical Directors: Andy Lyon, Erick Schiele
3D Modelers/ Animators: Juan Carlos Cuandra, Blake Beynon, James Lang,
Craig Christian, Jonathan Feldman, Chris Bariscoff, Casey Hupke,
Wayne England
Storyboards: Brian Koons
Compositors: Dan Blank, Renzo Reyes, Handel Eugene
Executive Producer: Jen Lucero
Head of Production: Danielle Hazan
Senior Producer: Sean Sullivan
Associate Producer: Karla Sylvester

Audio: Echo Labs