Nike Mercurial Vapor IV - Lace your feet - (2008) :30 (UK)

OMG, gross. He's actually lacing is bare feet. So creepy.

From Nike Brand Design EMEA CD: Andy Walker Creatives: Gary Horton & Giuseppe Demaio Agency Producer(s): Penny Pijnenburg & Els Tau Producer: Richard Martin Director : Jon Hollis Prod. Co. : Nice Shirt Films DoP: Alex Barber Editor: Jon Hollis Visual FX: Jon Hollis Sound FX: Jungle
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Holyshit. It will give me nightmares but I like it.

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This ad did NOT make me want to run right over to Nike Town for a new pair of "boots." Of course I'm not really in the market for a new pair of boots, and even if I were, despite all my years living in Europe, I'd still call them soccer shoes.

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It's early in the game, but so far, I think this ad is tops in nomination for "Most Cringe-worthy Spot of the Year".

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It's not that bad guys.

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Oh it is. It's just horrible. The concept, not the execution.

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No it isn't awful - but that lacing up part is tough to watch without cringing (and/or gagging). But...that does help it cut through the clutter. ;)

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Just because you came up with the idea to show the old hackneyed "article of clothing = second skin = part of you" metaphor in a stomach-turning way doesn't mean you should go and shoot it.


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That's just terrible.