"Run Cool" promotes the Lunarswift+ 2, a redesigned version of the classic Nike running shoe. The Vitamin team concepted a world where the retooling of the shoe occurs in a futuristic laboratory full of pristine high-tech gear. A sleek robotic arm uses a laser to cut a breathable pattern into the shoe’s surface while a gyroscopic pedestal tests its overall performance. Another robot arm swings into view, cradling a display showcasing the shoe’s available color stylings and the “Run Cool” slogan.

Creative Director : Danny DelPurgatorio 3D Lead: Linas Jodwalis 3D Modeling: Evaldas Cesnavicius, Charlie Peterson, Bruce Long, Morgan James, Linas Jodwalis 3D Animation : Morgan James, Igor Choromanski, Linas Jodwalis Design: Matt Beharry Conceptual Design & Storyboards: Tony Legato Compositing & 2D Animation : Matt Beharry, Rob Foster, Danny DelPurgatorio Music & Sound Design : Todd Beyer Color Correction : Michael Mazur Senior Producer : Larissa Shames Associate Producer : Nina Yoo Nike Digital Program Manager : Corey Patterson Nike Executive Producer : Jesse Canright Nike Producer : Noah Stanik

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