The execution of visual contradictions in the opening edits of this ad amuses me, but it looses steam half way through. The "pretty girl" ruins a photo with her boxer-guard, and the "fragile hands" baker is powdering to lift weights. The blond is kickboxer is Funda Diken Alkayış, while the weight lifter is Elvin Levinler, an actress who stays fit. Then Esra Gökçek walks into the scene flipping the jewelry to medal bling, she's a gold winning Turkish Triathlete who tells us that we look good in gold. It's tennis player İpek Soylu who refuses to keep quiet on the court. The Turkish dance crew Dans Fabrika Dancers headed up by Çisil Sıkı are the ones who laugh in public, while another actress, Dilan Çiçek Deniz steps right through a tiny set. The VO is done by Ezgi Mola while Turkish National Basketball Team star Işıl Alben is seen in one of the transitions.

So while I love the contrast between what is said and what is done, it wears thin pretty quick for me, and the Beyoncé soundtack is so predictable I gagged. Not every transition is as good as the first three which is a shame. On the other hand I was never a fan of celebrity advertising and this is more actress than athlete in that regard. For all I know Beyoncé might be as popular in Turkey as these actresses are right now. I much prefer the tone in What will they say about you and What girls are made of, as it seems closer to the universal insight than this execution.

Ad agency: WIEDEN+KENNEDY AMSTERDAM Executive Creative Director : Mark Bernath, Eric Quennoy Creative Director : Craig T Williams, Al Merry Art Director : Zeynep Orbay, Tunç Topçuoğlu Copywriter : Bern Hunter, Annika Taneja PRODUCTION COMPANY : ACADEMY FILMS Director : US - Christopher Barrett, Luke Taylor Director of Photography : Alex Barber Producer : Medb Riordan Executive Producer : Simon Cooper EDITING COMPANY : THE ASSEMBLY ROOMS Editor : Vid Price AUDIO POST : WAVE STUDIOS Sound Designer/Mixer : Alex Nicholls-Lee MUSIC : Artist / Title Beyonce “Run the World (Girls)” Label : Columbia/Sony Publishers : Warner Chappell/Sony ATV/Songs Publishing/BMG Chrysalis Music Company : Massive Music POST PRODUCTION GLASSWORKS AMSTERDAM Flame Thiago Porto Colorist : Daniel De Vue, Matt Hare Producer : Dave Moore