The Colonie’s Keith Kristinat has edited a spot launching the new Nintendo game The Legend of Zelda: A Link Between Worlds for Nintendo 3Ds. Conceived by Leo Burnett and produced by The Mill, Legend of You highlights the immersive quality of the game as a young man mimics the appearance and experiences of its main character, Link.
“To become a legend you must be willing to risk everything,” intones the voice-over, as the young man enters a torch-lit dungeon hallway where he must survive deadly obstacles, including a disappearing floor and flaming arrows, to reach his goal: securing the Master Sword. As Link would, the boy uses his powers to transform into a hieroglyph and merge into the stone walls. He then makes his way to a garden where he grasps his prize. The live action gives way to a sequence of animated game footage.

Production: The Mill. Directors, Andrew Proctor & Nick Lines. Agency: Leo Burnett. Creative Director, Dominick Maiolo. Art Director, Jesse Bowen. Executive Producer, Matt Blitz. Copywriter, Travis Meidell. Senior Producer, Topher Cochrane. Editorial: The Colonie. Editor, Keith Kristinat. Assistant Editor, Ben Pokorny. Audio: Another Country. John Binder. Transfer: The Mill. Luke Morrison.

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