Eddie Wise was originally intended to be a little larger but Director Craig Tanimoto thought his teeny size would make his interactions with the live actors appear all the more ludicrous, which is true. He's not only tiny, he's a "noodle guru".... who works in accounting. In this office break room scene Eddie congratulates coworker on not falling for the frozen path. Zoic Studios designed and animated Eddie.

NISSIN Production Company: Bully Pictures Live action director Craig Tanimoto. Animation Director: Loni Peristere (Zoic) Advertising Agency: Dentsu America / Santa Monica / CA Senior Manager/Dentsu Tokyo: Masazumi Horie EVP/ General Manager: Mike Parise SVP/Creative Director: Sandep Rahi Creative Director: Brad Gantt SVP/Group Account Director: Diane Dreyer Producer: Rhys Demery Account Supervisor: Chihiro Shinoda Editorial - Union Edit LA EP - Michael Raimondi Editor - Paul Plew Character Animation, VFX and VFX editing: Zoic Studios. EP: Steve Schofield EP/Producer: Erik Press VFX Supervisor Leslie Ekker CG Supervisor: Andy Wilkoff Producer: Erik Press VFX Editorial: Dmitri Gueer VFX Assistant: An Dang

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