How would you feel if you were at the airport, minding your own business when suddenly all signs point to you being a wanted criminal. First there's your photo on the cover of the newspaper, then your description is called out of the loudspeakers, then to top it all of your face appears on a breaking news bulletin. Wait for it though! Soon the cops come marching in, asking "are you stressed?" as they open a steel briefcase.... with Nivea Deo in it. It's only a prank, played on an unsuspecting victim to demonstrate how great a stick of Nivea deo is.

Dear Nivea, go away. This trend of pranking people in public is a bit disturbing and a low copy of the classic show "hidden camera" to begin with, but it's also veering into really scary territory with fake cops in a country where the Stasi aren't such a distant memory.


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