Nivea "Sunslide" (2016) 1:36 (South Africa)

South Africa has one of the highest rates of skin cancer in the world and children are especially at risk because they hate wearing sunscreen. Nivea came up with a freaking genius way to get them to apply it-- by creating a Sunslide. Basically it's a bouncy castle slide thing that also acts as a mister-- and it sprays SPF 50 on the kids as they slide down (wearing goggles, of course) thus ensuring they wear their SPF.
This reminds me of when I was in university and one of my math professors created a program for disadvantaged elementary school kids called Puzzle Play-- that basically turned math into a game. His theory was, as long as you turn everything into play or a game, you can get kids to learn. This is a great example.

Director Troy Davies Client: Nivea Agency: FCB South Africa Executive Creative Director Mike Barnwell Art Director Rowan Foxcroft Copywriter Jonathan Ollivier Account Director Stuart Stobbs Agency Producer Ashleigh Jarratt Designer Toni Hughes
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Brilliant. 100% protected 0% bored. I'd even seek that thing out myself!