As we all know Jack White from the White Stripes has written a song for Coke - Rumor Mill- Jack White to write next Hilltop song? - which some think makes Jack a sellout. Some say so louder than others, like Noel Gallagher who is quoted in Brandrepublic saying that Jack "ceases to be in the club" and that he "looks like Zorro on doughnuts" to boot. Noel has made insulting other stars an art form and it is the PR tool that serves to get his unibrow in the papers again whenever interest about him wanes... In this case though, perhaps he should have kept mum.... (quicktime inside)

One could conclude thay Noel is bitter as Jack wrote a song for Coke while Noel had Coke write him a song, shall we compare the old Hilltop classic "teach the world to sing", to Oasis "Shakermaker"? Just press play below.

Still others, who haven't ripped off commercial-jingles, are concerned about this development, like John Harris at The Guardian wrote:

...I'd like to point him in the direction of a very informative website at, which is full of allegations of rum doings involving Jack's favourite beverage and the developing world. If it's the former, the party may well have just started. Assuming that Coke's red-and-white colour scheme may have had something to do with Jack's decision, I can think of another brand that looks right, chimes with the fact that both he and Meg chain-smoke, and might be keen to use his services to reinforce the idea that consuming vast amounts of American things ends human conflict at a stroke. A bit of cranked-up neo-blues, I dare say, would suit Marlboro perfectly.

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