In Dutch this advert is titled platenbonanza, and work son the simply idea that a famous radio DJ gets constant requests for songs, and title are out of context kind of hilarious. Neighbours yell out "sex machine" as he starts his commute, some woman crossing the street yells out "I want your sex!", a guy at a gas station simply says "hello". The idea has legs, and could have been funnier if it carried on, maybe they'll try and campaign it. Possibilities include standing in the supermarket when someone quizzically asks him for "Lost in the Supermarket?", as he's getting a coffee someone yells out "Blah Blah Café", and so on. It could have had the funny turned up a notch, it's not just sex titles that get awkward when yelled out at random.

Clients: Jurre Bosman, Lidy Nebbeling, Rebecca Lombaers Ad agency: Being There Creative team: Alwine de Jong, Ben Goedegebuur, Paul van Raak Strategy: Robrecht Stoekenbroek Producer Lonneke Grotenhuis Producer/RTV Eric Smit Director: Joris Dommels DOP Mick van Rossum Post prosduction (offline) Kim Hinrichs Post production(online) Philip Huis in ’t Veld Sound: Sound Studios