As soon as the music starts up and I hear "pants, pants, Pantosaurus" my memory center glitches between the Baltazar intro and "Togs, togs togs, togs togs, undies", which gives some indication that I may have watched too much TV in my life. But that is what kids do! And they love animations! And sing-alongs stick like glue, as proven by the extremely popular dumb ways to die, and that horrible purple dinosaur who claimed to love everyone whose song still echoes in every 90s kid's head.

Aardman animation director Lucy Izzard strikes gold with this infections little clip that is designed to educate little kids about modesty and how to defend themselves from would be perverts. Sinister topic handled with sugary sweet animation makes the medicine go down.

What’s in your pants belongs only to you
Your pants cover up your private parts
Your private parts belong only to you
If someone asks to see just tell ‘em no

Pantosaurus likes to wear his pants, he wears them all day long
They cover up his private parts, and that’s what makes him strong
If someone asks to see or tries to touch him underneath them
He tells them no, then tells someone he trusts and likes to speak to.


f someone asks to see or tries to touch under your pants
And says to keep it secret, then you must tell them NO.
Then go and find someone you trust, and tell them straight away
They’ll say well done for speaking out and make everything OK

Animation: Aardman Director: Lucy Izzard Producer: Jason Fletcher – Bartholomew Production Manager:Danny Gallagher Storyboard / Animatic: Rob Richards Design: Lucy Izzard, Magda Osinska Flash Animators: Charlie Miller, Andrew Fossey, Lucy Izzard Compositors: Jon Biggins, Bram Ttwheam Music Production: Adelphoi Music, Max De Lucia, Ashley Bates Editor: Dan Hembery