Beauty brand O Boticário partnered with upcoming movie Rio Eu Te Amo (the next in the series after Paris, je t'aime and New York I love You) to create the very first perfume inspired by the essence of Rio. Yep, they crowdsourced cariocas to help bottle the essence of Rio de Janeiro. They got asking fans to submit photos as inspiration. And then they scientific, using some technology to capture smell molecules. They then asked the fans to vote by picking their favorite fragrance in an O Boticário store or kiosk. Nice promotional tie-in with the movie, too.

Having been to Rio a few times, to me it smells like caipirinhas, agua de coco, jabuticaba and whatever that spicy pepper sauce that accompanies feijoada that I had at Bar do Mineiro in Santa Teresa. Then again it is lunchtime so I'm probably not doing it right.

Speaking of doing it right, here's a quick note to non-Brazilians working in advertising: unlike your World Cup spots, there were no mentions of favelas here. So it is possible. I'm just saying.

Ad Agency: NBS, Brazil. Client: O Boticario. CCO: Andre Lima Creative Director: Marcello Noronha / Moacyr Netto Creative head: Fernando Barcellos Project Creator: Renato Jardim / Marcos Hosken / Flavio Bacellar / Karina Abicalil / Tiago Peregrino Planner Director: Paula Lagrotta / Taciana Abreu Media Manager: Daniela Ferro Media : Marcelle Viallar / Raphael Cunha Project Team: Bernardo Carvalho/ giovani Conradi / Aline Duarte Account: Antonino Brandao / Fernanda Galuzzi/ Priscila Thestay / Nathalia Gabriel Client: Andrea Mota / Ana Ferrel / Maria Aparecida Flores Consultant: ALL AWARDS