Every presidential campaign has mudslinging ads, and some have epic ads like the daisy countdown. I'm going to call this one as the epic mudslinging ad of this campaign, unless there's another one in the pipeline.

In the first debate between Republican presidential candidate Mitt Romney and President Barack Obama, the GOP nominee said that he’d cut the budget by eliminating non-essential costs, like the Corporation for Public Broadcasting. And that's how Obama now can say Romney is more concerned with Big Bird than Banks in this ad.
The Washingtonexaminer point out that Sesame streets assets are valued at $289 million. Even Parents magazine think big bird can fly by itself. Can't wait to see the ad where Obama tells us what he'd like to do to the scary bankers depicted in this ad.

The evil genius who towered over them, was Big Bird..... It's not quite the "Dwight McKenna for Coroner" style attack, but just as hilarious with the scary Big Bird silhouette as the puppet-master seen in the window.

Official ad: Campaign for Obama 2012
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