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Puzzle Posters

We designed a new 'Name Game' to give a live experience of the kind of 'intelligent names' Albert Dali is capable of creating. It's a game that uses a little lateral thinking and visual punning. Each poster features a clue about a celebrated brand name. For example to clue Greenpeace, we just arranged a line of Green coloured Letter Ps!

Sound offers unlimited possibilities. Spinaca Sound Studio.
Sound offers unlimited possibilities. Spinaca Sound Studio.
Sound offers unlimited possibilities. Spinaca Sound Studio.

Spinaca Sound Studio - Globe: 2010 (Ogilvy Peru)

Spinca Sound Studi came to us with a challenge: how do we advertise an audio producer on a print ad?

this is what we did...


Albert Dali - Naming Complexities Poster Campaign


Albert Dali - Have a name not a cliché

This is Lucifer Labs' New Campaign for Albert Dali Naming Consultants.

Commercials: - Fiddling Beaver - (2010) :30 - CV Rewriting - print, India

This is a new poster campaign for Thinkosaur's resume rewriting service.


Aswin Rat Glue - Rat / Stick -Print Thailand

It took a minute or two to get this ad...but if you look you'll see the legs (where I'm guessing the rat got trapped, maybe?) are reversed. From the creatives at Far East DDB Bangkok.


ThreeBond glue - Bond your sparks - (2009) :45 (Japan)

ThreeBond glue - Bond your sparks - (2009) :45 (Japan)

What this guy does with some bonding glue is brilliant, though I will admit that the moment that knife touched the vinyl I had a minor heart attack. Ouch.
I&S BBDO, Tokyo , you are scary geniuses, I bow to you.

Now, I'd really like to buy a pre-cut-and-glued album that looks like that (because I am too weak to dare a knife to my vinyl). Get on it!


Monster - Moose - (2009) :30 (USA) - It may be time - (2009) :60 (USA) - It may be time - (2009) :60 (USA)

Do you cry in public? Do your co-workers disrespect you? Do you want to punch small furry animals? Hmmm? If a friend of yours has it this bad, you can always use the site that goes with this campaign to tell them to get a new job. Superbowl XLIII is off to a funny start. Set to air in 3rd Quarter.