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Careerbuilder - Parking chimps - (2011) 30 (USA)

Careerbuilder - Parking chimps - (2011) 30 (USA)

The chimps are back. Chimps are not monkeys. For every person who refers to "monkeys" in the Careerbuilder ads, take a drink! #Superbowldrinkinggame


Mouse pad posters

field print

Brand campaigns can suck
Bad brand managers
Choosing an ad agency

Somehow brand naming scores lowest in your average brand manager's scheme of things. Our brief was to shake things up a bit by provoking the brand manager with some mouse pad posters.

Name Chain

We had to think of a fun way to promote ourselves. What better way than to play a name game!

Wrong Names

field print

Albert Dali - Banana
Albert Dali - Elephant
Albert Dali - Chair
Albert Dali - UFO
Albert Dali - Parrot

There is this myth that naming is a no-brainer. So some clients do it themselves and live to regret it after the deed is done.

Information is a vocation - FRANCE INFO by Euro RSCG C&O

field print

The Earthquake
The Industrial Strife

Euro RSCG C&O created an advertising campaign for the first French information radio, France Info.

Fedex - Exchange student - (2010)

"My parents don't believe you're an exchange student... "

Twist for 3M - (2010) :1:07 (USA)

Twist for 3M - (2010) :1:07 (USA)

For the past three years, Twist Director/DP Rich Michell has enjoyed an ongoing collaboration with 3M, which is currently celebrating the 30th anniversary of its popular “Post-It” brand. Twist’s Michell has directed a series of commercials for 3M and ad agency Grey Advertising. A unique partnership, the Twist-3M collaboration has resulted in the production of 15 spots featuring many of the hugely popular 3M home and office products.

Shortest Stories

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To illustrate the fact that names are the shortest stories of brands, we substituted some legendary names with the briefs that would have possibly given birth to the coinage.

Albert Dali Name Puzzle Posters

field print

Our stark Name Puzzle Posters for Albert Dali Naming Consultants intrigued quite a few. So we decided to befuddle people further with a new series of puzzles!

Puzzle Posters

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We designed a new 'Name Game' to give a live experience of the kind of 'intelligent names' Albert Dali is capable of creating. It's a game that uses a little lateral thinking and visual punning.


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