Who respects the penny these days? Not many, except Officemax. Anonymous director Justin Reardon, via The Escape Pod, uses hidden cameras to see who else respects the penny. "You're selling me a penny.. but you won't take pennies?" *zing*!

Client: OfficeMax Spots Title: Antique Art, Antique Toys, Art Dealer, Buttons, Classic Guitar, Rare Coin, Rare Book Air Date: September 2009 Agency: The Escape Pod CD(s): Vinny Warren, Greg Nations Managing Director: Norm Bilow EP: Kent Kwiatt Prod Company: Anonymous Content Director: Justin Reardon EP: Jeff Baron EP/Head of Commercials: Dave Morrison Head of Production: Sue Ellen Clair Production Supervisor: James Blom Producer: Norman Reiss Editorial: The Whitehouse Editor: Matt Walsh EP: Carrie Hoecek