OK Go are back to their color-coordinated.. Wait, this isn't the band dancing. The tango-ing couple match the rainbow colored walls as they dance through the song, and downhill too. Demonstrating that a proper tango is a sensual, beautiful and rather sexy art. Still, it's no VW's Last Tango in Compton which basically makes you breathe a bit heavier. Uh, because you're trying to mimic their moves. Yeah. That's it.

Director: Trish Sie Producers: Trish Sie & Paula Salhany Cinematography and editing: Paula Salhany 3D DP: Eric Kurland Dancers: Moti Buchboot & Trish Sie Special Thanks: Jennifer Kay Tyre, So Yun Um, Joanna Mayorga, Andy Green, Diane Castrup, Anthony Hartman, Jenny Oppenheimer, Roe Sie, Damian Kulash and Marjorie Kulash

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