Snoop Dogg, Julia Louis-Dreyfus and Kumail Nanjani, star in a silly Old Navy spot in which Julia and Kumail are busy trying to rob Snoop and hilarity ensues. Dreyfus keeps going nose-to-nose with Snoop looking for his money. Kumail is eating donuts, sorry, profiteroles, desperately wanting to make a stoner joke but is obviously not allowed. And then they all take selfies with a tied-up Snoop. Oh yeah, the point of this is that instead of robbing Snoop, you can go to Old Navy, and hopefully be the first in line because if you are, you could win a million dollars.

While the spot is funny there is so much wrong with the whole idea it pains me. First off, the "there's an easier way," concept needs to be banned from all advertising. Now. Secondly, all three of these guys are millionaires so it makes the premise laughable in the wrong way. Finally, if this year's Thanksgiving/Black Friday is like any previous year, Old Navy might ends up with blood on its hands or at the very least is opening itself up to a lawsuit. Every year there are stampedes at various retail outlets with people desperate for to get sales or hard-to-find dolls. This isn't anything new, by the way. People are punching each other for Cabbage Patch Kids in the '80's. I'm all for capitalism; I work in advertising. And while the ad is mildly entertaining, the sweepstakes portion of this is just awful.

This time of year already has people lining up like a pac of wild dogs to get their holiday presents. Old Navy just added raw meat to the front of the doors.

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