Roman Coppola directed this semi illustrated effort for Old Navy featuring Elvis' "Viva Las Vegas."
Is there a depot where we can put songs that should never ever be used in commercials again? 'Cause this is one of them.

Agency: Chandelier Creative
Agency Location: NY
Agency MD: Sara Fisher
Agency Producer: Jill Andresevic
Art Director: Zan Goodman
Art Director: Michael Scanlon
Executive Creative Director: Richard Christiansen
Production Company: The Directors Bureau
Production Company Location: LA
Director: Roman Coppola
Executive Producer: Lisa Margulis, Elizabeth Minzes
Producer: Eric Sedorovitz
Editorial Company: MassMarket
Editorial Company EP: Louisa Cartwright
Producer: Jeff Wolfe, Bridgette Spalding
Editor: Cass Vanini
Post Production Company: MassMarket
Executive Producer: Louisa Cartwright
VFX Producer: Jeff Wolfe, Bridgette Spalding
Animation Director: Lucas Borras, Andy Baker
Illustrations: Hattie Stewart
Type Illustrations: Andy Rementer
Animators: Luca Vitale, Andy Baker, Dennis Moran, Jessica Milazzo, Blake Patrick, Winnie Tom, Maya Edelman, Harry Teitelman
Compositors: Joe Ball, Zack Williams, Warren Paleos, Aska Otake

Telecine Company: Color Collective

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