Olivia Palermo doesn't want to give anyone Christmas gifts is the takeaway from this spot for Amazon. All the while she tries on fabulous gifts meant for other people and then finds excuses not to give them away while her annoyingly posh dog watches the whole thing. I can't tell if this is supposed to be funny or not, but it certainly makes Amazon look like the brand for selfish people. Perhaps if people are fans of her they'll think it's hilarious. I had no idea who she is until now. I would have preferred to keep it like that.

Client: Amazon Fashion EU Content Director: Siobhan Mallen Agency: DF London Creative Director: Sophie Lewis Business Lead: Lizzie Robson Producer: Helen Powlette Production Company: Big Block Director: Josh & Vince Exec. Producer: Geno Imbriale Line Producer: Justin Towery DP: Ryan Helfant Editorial: Nomad Edit NY Editor: Amanda Moreau Producer: Sheena Wagaman